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An insurance agent tried to persuade the gnarly man to insure his house. During an hour an agent diligently was explaining this gnarly man how his house will burn down in the fire. The gnarly man heard all this and asked:
— Do you really consider that my house will burn down before the expiry of insurance?
— Yes, I do — an insurance agent answered. — I was explaining it to you for an hour.
— Then why are you trying to do so that your company would put the money on this that will not happen?
The agent paused for a moment, thought and then took the gnarly man aside and whispered him:
— My friend, I will open you a terrible secret. Once this company has betrayed my bride, as they guarantied her wedding. To get revenge, I went to work for them under a different name, and ... God knows, they will cry!

 - Nemokamas lankytojø skaitliukas

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